About The Promoter

Communication – Coaching – Operations – Sales

Known for ability to create and articulate corporate vision and then move teams to embrace it. Attract talented people and allow teams to take chances, believing that without creative risk taking there can be no true innovation. Drive self and staff hard and yet managing with honesty and respect at all times while building an unparalleled team that delivers results.

Managing Director India & Philippines| Accenture | 15thNov 2005 to 10th Jan 2018

Responsible for internal facing delivery roles, spanning across multiple lines...Recruitment, Employee Life Cycle Management, Finance, Client Financial Management, RMS/ People Mobility, Cross Operations, Finance and Global Sales and Operations.

Milestones:Turned around Underperforming Projects and deals by completely changing solution to delivery model. Handling Large Cross boarder teams(India and Philippines Unique large account solutions designing and mobilization of the accounts Expanded scope of service by creating new offerings

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Conversation Starters

Leadership Training

You have great content and yes you have the Subject Matter Experts now lets try taking that and using a facilitator who can use his 20 plus years of experience and help make the connection from great content to on the floor usage and applicability. I could also help you with creation of content, sharing life journey and experiences. Known for talks on honest motivation, team work, innovation and story- telling.

Business Coaching

Learnt to make the shift from Mentoring to Coaching and thanks to Accenture for helping learn the art of coaching with the Best in the Business – Tom Rausch. Learning about Executive Presence and Bringing Your Bold Self To Work from Amy Cuddy – the most watched speaker on TED talks. Want to take the learnings, along with my 2500 hours of coaching Vice Presidents and Assoc. Directors and offer this to you.

Advisory Services

Advisory and Facilitation services – its sometimes best to get a neutral and outside in view to solve some of the negotiations both in the office and outside. Use me to bounce your ideas and thoughts and get a view that combines business legacy and corporate experience. Don’t worship the problem – lets solve it.

Investor Relations

Having built relationship and having an established credibility over the years, I could help leverage some of those connections built up with PE / venture capitalist and angel investors to help your organisation move up to the next level.

Learnings from legacy

Here is what you should know about Into the Ally and the best way to start is to share the legacy of the firm and its promoter. Let me start my telling you a story of a family that started its businesses in the year 1835 - “Allibhoy Mohamed Chandawalla” and then for the next 5 generations went from being India’s Pioneer in manufacturing industrial leather belting - to owning India largest Tent House company “I.H. Nancy and Company” the next generation became the largest real estate owners in Bombay (Mumbai) - Landlords as they were called, closer to the 1980’s owned India’s largest Sugar factory “Krishi Valley Khandsari India Pvt Ltd” and a fleet of fishing trollers. Personally I started at the age of 19 as a distributer of polyurethane foam. After having set it up I handed the business over to father and then moved on to join Corporate India... I am very glad I did. The 22 years of corporate experience helped broaden my horizons - the learnings were tremendous - the international exposure was awesome.

Now with the passed on knowledge and personally experienced entrepreneurship journey combined with the corporate learnings the attempt here is to work closely with start ups, coach existing ones, to be part of your learning journey and share the combined experience from both worlds to help build stronger, innovative, profitable organisations - also leverage some of the connections built up with PE / venture capitalist and angel investors to propel the organisations to the next level. To know about me please do take the time to click on the link below and check out my profile.

What People Are Saying

  • I am working with Aqueel since last two years and he is the delivery lead for one of the biggest and very demanding business opportunity and is a professional with very clear thought process, with ability to strategize, plan and execute. He always expressed his opinion candidly and did what was the best for business and organization. His personal rapport on the floor, with the stake-holders and client is an asset. Aqueel is an amazing man manager with his ability to stay composed, lead and motivate with a vision. He can switch smoothly between micro and macro management styles basis the need. Wishing him the very best in times to come…

    Shekhar Tiwari

    Managing Director - Supply Chain and Network Operations at Accenture

  • Aqueel was a Senior leader in the BPO operations at Satyam in Hyderbad serving my client company in technical support for DSL services. He was a strong leader. He puts great attention into his work. He has a good background in BPO work and can leader large organizations.

    Michael Trotter

    Director, Strategic Initiatives at Montana State University-Bozeman

  • Aqueel is one of the most astute ops leaders I have worked under.He led his team to the most successful turnaround within AOL operation's ailing sales queue... and with a proven record of building and managing high-performing teams he consistently delivers high-quality results.He posseses and practices an uncommon yet right mix of experiential intuit, sheer facts & data driven along with edge of the seat execution to guide a team to success.Truely an excellent manager, tremendous motivator and truely an asset to any organisation.

    Pallavi Parmar

    Executive Director at UBS

  • Aqueel is an inspirational leader, a complete people person with strong focus on goals. He is someone who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits to the team. A great expert in his domain he is always looking for improved & creative ways to drive better results by getting the best out of each team member. He has built a strong creditability & great relationships with all (clients/internal stakeholders). There is always something new to learn from him everyday.

    Amit Kumar

    Managing Director, Accenture Operations